**Applications are now closed**

Contest Rules and Regulations

Felicita’s is excited to bring back Battle of the Bands 2024! The battles will be held on Fridays between the dates of February 2nd and April 5th, 2024.

This year’s prizes are:

  • 1st – $750 plus a day in a record studio, and a Friday headlining in the Fall & Spring semester(2024 -2025)
  • 2nd – $500 and a Friday  headlining show in year (2024/25)
  • 3rd – $250 and a Friday show in the year (2024/25)
  • 4th Friday show (2024/25)

*Paid gigs negotiated with Pub Manager based on mutual availability with no other cash value


Rules and Regulations:

  • Minors MAY NOT participate; all participants must be 19 years of age or older and may be required to provide 2pcs of ID
  • Applications must be submitted by Jan. 12th 2024 either in person at Felicita’s or emailed to manager@felicitas.ca
  • Must be available to play all 3 rounds and on the date of the finals.
  • Sets are 40 minutes (38-40min) each. 2 points are discounted per minute over 40 minutes. You will have 10 minutes to set up on stage and 10 minutes to get off the stage.  A delay in set up time will result in a shorter set time.
  • Cover songs are not mandatory, and you can play all original material.
  • No more than 3 cover songs per set. Cover songs must be rearranged and should NOT sound like a copy of the original. Make it your own. (Please announce on the mic when playing covers to make sure the judges are aware.) 10 Points are discounted for extra cover songs(max 3 covers). No points are awarded in the  covers category for covers that are a straight copy of the original. We want to hear about your creativity and what you can come up with. “Make it your own.” Duke Ellington.
  • Treat all Felicitas staff, sound tech and fellow bands with respect. A lack of a good attitude will have a negative impact on the overall final score and could lead to disqualification.
  • No alcohol is permitted on stage and any performer deemed intoxicated will not be allowed to perform and must exit the premises.
  • Stage presence is a massive factor in audience engagement and is part of the scoring.
  • Performers are to keep lyrics and stage presence respectful as well.
  • Follow Load-in and sound check instructions.
  • Felicita’s does not take table reservations during this event. First come, first serve basis.


Load in and sound check instructions:

  • Please arrive before the sound check is scheduled to start.
  • All equipment must be stored on the RIGHT SIDE (stage left) of the stage, by the tables, in front of the PA system.
  • No gear should be stored on the left side (stage right) bathroom side.
  • Do not load the gear on stage.
  • Cover songs are not mandatory, and you can play all original material.
  • The sound check will happen only for the closing band of the night and the opening band, respectively.
  • Only the closing band can place Amps and Drums on stage. No pedals or instruments.
  • Felicitas Pub is a liquor primary venue but do like the sentiment of still allowing patrons to talk, so please keep in mind the overall stage volume (e.g., guitar amps). We are not at the Save on Foods arena.
  • Failure to follow Load-in procedures will affect your overall score


The 4 Round Process:

  1. Based on 16 bands for the Battles.  Priority will be given  to those with Uvic students in the band.  Once we have reached 16 bands, then we will have a waitlist for those that register afterwards.
  2. You will perform your first set on your designated first round date at Felicita’s. All first round performances will be completed by March 1st, and you will be contacted soon after if your band has been selected to play in the next round. First round will have 4 bands per night and the top 2 from each night will move forward.  8 bands will be selected to play in the next round
  3. If selected, you and the remaining 7 qualifying bands will be required to play the second round on Mar. 8th or 15th    We will let you know which night your band plays. Two bands per each round will be selected to go onto the finals round for a total of 4 bands.
  4. You and the 3 other finalist will battle it out in Final Round on April. 5th There will be 4 bands competing for the winning positions.



50% of the score is based on audience votes.
The other 50% is divided into the following categories: Stage Presence; Music Choice; Talent; Crowd Reaction; Tightness; Covers vs Orig; Set time; Overall.

**Applications are now closed**